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When I decided I wanted to start a food blog, I knew it wouldn’t be a walk in the park. I love food, I love writing, and I was really excited about improving my photography skills. But while I have graphic design experience in print media, designing for the web was a whole new world.

I (like pretty much everyone else I just graduated with) was (and still am) short on funds, which ruled out getting professional help. If I wanted to make my blog idea a reality, I had to learn how to do it myself. (Cue panic attack).

So I spent some quality time with the Google machine. I searched for tutorials for everything from food photography to monetizing a blog, and though it took some time, I ended up with a solid arsenal of books and web links that were instrumental in helping me get this blog off the ground. I also studied a TON of food blogs to see what traits successful blogs had in common. When my blog got rolling, I decided to create this resources page to help fellow bloggers – whether they’re just starting a blog or they’ve been around for years – improve their skills to make every blog the best it can be. I hope you find these pages helpful and informative. Happy blogging!



 So you want to start a food blog?

 Publicizing your blog

Monetizing your blog


 Kitchen Essentials

 Be a better cook

 Be a better photographer

 Great Food Writing