Pesto Chicken Orzo Soup

Chicken noodle soup! The best. Especially in winter. Because winter sucks. And I hate it. But you know this already.


Pesto Chicken Orzo Soup


The only good thing about winter is soup. Lots and lots and lots of soup. Soup that you can’t always eat in the summertime because sometimes its a million degrees outside and if you eat soup you feel like you’re boiling yourself from the inside out. Not pleasant. But I often do it anyway. [Read more…]

Parmesan & Spinach Orzo


When I was little, I always gave my mom a hard time about making orzo. I picked a fight every time we ate it because “it’s not pasta, it’s rice!” and would have to sit there and (un)patiently listen to her tell me that orzo is, in fact, pasta. It was a whole big thing. But I’m over it (sorry, Mom). Even though it still LOOKS a lot like rice. Just saying.


IMG_9187 2


Anywho, Mom sent me some rice orzo in a care package awhile back, and I recently discovered the last half of the package sitting in my pantry. “Eureka!” I thought. “I’ll make some orzo!” [Read more…]