Goat Cheese Pasta with Spring Vegetables

Ahhhh, spring. That special time of year when the calendar tricks you into believing that sunshine is headed your way, only for you to find yourself in April, FREEZING, with a side of snow and misery. And wishing you could remember what it felt like to leave the house without a jacket or to wear sandals instead of boots and two pairs of socks. You get my drift.

Goat Cheese Pasta with Spring Veggies
My coping mechanism is to trick myself into thinking it’s warm outside by cooking a bunch of bright, beautiful spring vegetables and wrapping myself burrito-style in a comforter. And, of course, refuse to leave the house unless it is absolutely 100% necessary. Like if the house is on fire. Or if I have a midterm that I’d get kicked out of grad school for missing. Or if we run out of beer. [read more...]


Pesto Chicken Orzo Soup

Chicken noodle soup! The best. Especially in winter. Because winter sucks. And I hate it. But you know this already.


Pesto Chicken Orzo Soup


The only good thing about winter is soup. Lots and lots and lots of soup. Soup that you can’t always eat in the summertime because sometimes its a million degrees outside and if you eat soup you feel like you’re boiling yourself from the inside out. Not pleasant. But I often do it anyway. [read more...]


Confession: this is a copycat recipe from Noodles and Co. You probably know it as Pesto Cavatappi – but they trademarked that ish, which means my title is forced to a bit more creative. We didn’t get Noodles and Co. unless we went up to Chicagoland when we lived in Illinois, and there isn’t one here, either. But I was craving some good ol’ pesto-y cavatappi-y goodness the other day. So I figured, who needs Noodles and Co.? Have pesto, will eat. Or something like that.


Pesto Cavatappi


I actually didn’t even Google a recipe before I threw this together to make sure I was getting it “right.” Only after I’d eaten it all did I think to check my accuracy with the great collective knowledge of the interwebs. Turns out, a lot of copycat recipes out there use cream and butter, but I think they’re totally unnecessary. If you want a creamier sauce, go for it – but I think pesto is pretty perfect all by itself. I made my own pesto by swapping basil for the arugula in my favorite arugula pesto and adding a handful of toasted pine nuts to the mix. I actually stock up on basil during the summer when I can, either basil I’ve grown myself or (far more likely, because I kill plants) from farmers in the area who are drowning in the stuff at the end of the season. Then I go on a pesto-making spree and keep it in the freezer in small containers (about 1/4 to 1/2 cup per container) so I can pull some out whenever I want pesto macaroni and cheese or this amazing chicken pesto pizza.

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There are so many good things happening with this pasta I can’t even handle it.




I love making weird cool pasta. It’s so versatile – you can flavor it with anything! It’s a blank canvas just waiting to be artsy-ified into your new favorite dinner. This time around, I had a bunch of strawberries in my fridge that were just about to inch past their prime. So HEY! I thought. STRAWBERRY PASTA! Two of my favorite things (you’ve seen the name of my blog, right?) together at last. [read more...]


Summer Vegetable Pasta

I think I have a new favorite dinner.




(I’m talking about this recipe. If that wasn’t clear. This recipe is my new favorite dinner). Do you want it to be your new favorite dinner, too? Yeah? I thought so. You should probably make it immediately.

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