I lurrrrveeeeee pasta.

Shellfish Spaghetti with Pesto Toasted Bread Crumbs

So much. I could eat it for every meal. I could eat it for every DESSERT after every meal. It’s just a pile of carb-y, sauce-y, fantastical deliciousness. [read more…]

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30 Minute Creamy Corn and Tomato Pasta

Quick, easy dinners are the best kind of dinners. This particular dish has only six ingredients (unless you count salt and pepper, which are basically like oxygen or butter or anything else that makes life possible, so obviously I don’t) and takes less than 30 minutes to throw together. It even has cream cheese, which I actually almost never use but is sometimes just completely 100% necessary. In this case, it makes a delightfully creamy sauce that lends a great richness to the simple combo of pasta, corn, and tomatoes.

30 Minute Creamy Corn and Tomato Pasta

I am especially in need of fast and easy meals this month, because I have been traveling nonstop over the last few weeks while still trying to keep up with the whole grad school thing (WHAT was I thinking) and planning this oh-so-awesome conference that you should all go to. I was in Portland with my parents for a few days (HI, PARENTS) and then in Seattle for the International Food Bloggers Conference (full recap coming soon! ish). and THEN I was in Pennsylvania for the Big Harvest Potluck. It was all a whirlwind, but SO much fun. Except now I’m catching up (sort of) on sleep and work and blogging and more work. So cooking a whole big delicious meal, while high on my list of priorities, isn’t really happening. [read more…]


Creamy Pea & Pesto Tortellini

Sometimes, I like spending all day in the kitchen. Baaaaaking and cooooooking and singing along to some muuuuusic and just having a lovely, relaxing time.

Creamy Pea & Pesto Tortellini
Other (ok…most) days, I’m more like “ONLY HAVE TEN MINUTES TO SPARE MUST FIND FOOD MUST GET BACK TO WORK SO MUCH WORK TO DO AAAAAH.” The challenge on those days is not to cave and order takeout, both because it costs money (helloooo, broke grad student!) and because in the 45 minutes it generally takes to get here, I might as well have made something tastier and healthier myself anyway. Ya feel? [read more…]


Kale & Basil Pesto Caprese Pasta Salad

I am seriously into this pasta salad. So much so that I actually ate the leftovers for breakfast this morning. Side note: why don’t more people eat pasta for breakfast? I think it should be a thing.

Kale and Basil Pesto Caprese Pasta Salad

Anywho, I know that a caprese pasta salad isn’t exactly GROUNDBREAKING, because every food blogger since the beginning of food blogger TIME has made about a million variations of caprese everything. Salads! Pizza! Hot Pasta! Pasta Salads! Crostini! It’s all been done. But I think there’s a reason we all keep coming back to the good ol’ combo of basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella, and that is this: IT. IS. DELICIOUS. [read more…]





Honey Barbecue Pulled Pork White Cheddar Mac and Cheese
Well, YOU, internet friends, are in all kinds of luck today – because I have some OH SO DELICIOUS mac and cheese for you AS WELL AS a super stupendous giveaway from my friends over at Saucy Mama (you remember them & their awesome mustards).

But first, this mac and cheese. (If you could care less about mac and cheese – GASP, HOW ARE WE EVEN FRIENDS – you can scroll down for the giveaway good stuff).

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