Skillet Herbed Cornbread Biscuits

You can’t really go wrong by putting things in skillets.

Herbed Cornbread Biscuits

Especially when the thing in the skillet is a glorious mash-up of rosemary, thyme, cornbread, and buttery biscuit-y goodness. [Read more…]

Pesto and Goat Cheese Smashed Potatoes

I am so super into these smashed potatoes. Like, to the point of obsession. Not that that surprises anyone here, I’m sure. Since an (unhealthy? nahhhh) obsession with food is kind of my thing. No big deal.

Pesto Goat Cheese Smashed Potatoes
But seriously. These potatoes combine all of my favorite things. Goat cheese? Check. Pesto? Check. Balsamic vinegar? Checkity check. POTATOES? You betcha. It took everything I had not to eat them all by myself à la this chicken pesto orzo soup and save a few for Kyle. [Read more…]

Green Apple and Sausage Stuffing with Pumpkin Bread and Pumpernickel

What would Turkey Day be without stuffing?


Green Apple and Sausage Stuffing with Pumpkin Bread and Pumpernickel


Actually, confession: I am not a stuffing fan. Never was. Until we started celebrating Fakesgiving. The first year we did Fakesgiving, Kyle and I were deciding what to put on the menu. Turkey, of course, and pierogis (Thanksgiving tradition in Kyle’s Polish family), these smoked gouda mashed potatoes (now a Fakesgiving tradition) and maybe some mac and cheese (my specialty). But then Kyle was like, “let’s have stuffing!” And I was all, “stuffing is gross.” [Read more…]

Pumpkin Gnocchi in Browned Butter Sage Sauce

I’m dedicating posts this week to all kinds of Thanksgiving fare!


Pumpkin Gnocchi in Browned Butter Sage Sauce
Pumpkin things! Side dishes! More side dishes! Stuffing (because that’s its own category apart from side dishes, duh)! All sorts of fall flavors perfect for your Turkey Day feast no matter how many mouths you have to feed or how fancy you want to get. [Read more…]