Healthier 30 Minute Chicken Spinach Alfredo

ALFREDOOOOOOO. Is there anything better than pasta that’s drowning in butter and cream and cheese and more cheese? I think not. Is there anything worse for that New Year’s Diet Resolution you’re pretending to keep? Probably also not. But hey, I’ve got you (and our TOTALLY REAL, no-I-have-NOT-been-binge-eating-this-pizza 2015 diet) covered.

Healthy 30 Minute Chicken Spinach Alfredo

I lightened up this creamy, cheese-y sauce by nixing the cream altogether and instead using a roux with skim milk. Chicken and spinach add some protein (and other probably-important nutrients, blah, blah) and some color to the mix, and finally we thin the sauce out a bit by recycling some of our nice, starchy pasta water. Creamy? Check. Something green? Check. Hearty and filling? Check. Ready in less time than it takes to accidentally-on-purpose watch JUST ONE MORE EPISODE of Revenge? YOU BETCHA. Lightened-up, still-creamy, even-has-spinach-so-it’s-basically-health-food, 30 minute pasta Alfredo. [Read more…]

Havarti Spinach Mac and Cheese

MAC AND CHEESE! It’s just the best. And I realized the other day that I haven’t posted a single macaroni and cheese recipe since the super-awesome Mac and Cheese Week that happened in 2012. As in, OVER A YEAR AGO. (Whoops).


Havarti Spinach Mac and Cheese


But I’m making up for it with this super cheesy, creamy, even-has-spinach-in-it-so-it-looks-sort-of-healthy mac and cheese recipe.

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Three Cheese Spinach Tortellini

Have you ever made your own tortellini before? It’s kind of super fun. Also, way easier than it seems. Which is a win.




Also, I’ve been working on a REALLY exciting project for the last few months, and this Monday, I’m joining forces with some of the best food bloggers around to announce the formation of something awesome. So…you should PROBABLY tune in on Monday to get the skinny and jump in on the fun. Want a hint? Follow my Facebook or Twitter feeds for some sneaky announcements. [Read more…]

Spinach Fettuccine

I seriously can’t say enough about my love for my new pasta rollers. I make a ton of fresh pasta every two weeks-ish now, which is amazing. I used to have to plan an entire Saturday for pasta-making because my little hand crank took so long, made such a mess, gouged a hole in the bottom of my table with the screw-attach-y-thingy, and hurt my back from bending over the crank. Me and my old pasta roller could totally be in one of those infomercials as the miserable scene in black and white before the new, cool thingamajigg arrives. And then this new pasta roller comes in, and everything turns to color a la Wizard of Oz, and suddenly my life is GOLDEN. But seriously. Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore. PLUS, I crank my mixer’s speed up super high and the pasta basically flies through the rollers. It takes me less than ten minutes to roll and cut a whole batch.




Side note: speaking of Toto, if you follow me on Pinterest you may have guessed that I am completely smitten with puppy fever. I want one SO. BAD. But I just want it for the cuddly cutesy best-friend part. Not for the shedding and the high maintenance and  the vet visits and the expensive pet food. So Kyle says we can’t have one until I can be a grownup about it. WHATEVER. [Read more…]

Parmesan & Spinach Orzo


When I was little, I always gave my mom a hard time about making orzo. I picked a fight every time we ate it because “it’s not pasta, it’s rice!” and would have to sit there and (un)patiently listen to her tell me that orzo is, in fact, pasta. It was a whole big thing. But I’m over it (sorry, Mom). Even though it still LOOKS a lot like rice. Just saying.


IMG_9187 2


Anywho, Mom sent me some rice orzo in a care package awhile back, and I recently discovered the last half of the package sitting in my pantry. “Eureka!” I thought. “I’ll make some orzo!” [Read more…]