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Trust us: YOU CAN MAKE THIS BREAD ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿป


  • Do you want to wow your friends and family with beautiful homemade bread?
  • Are you frustrated by recipes that don't work, and waste time and ingredients?
  • Are you searching for activities and new skills to learn while social distancing?
  • Are you sick of overpaying for bread at the store?

The Everyday Artisan Bread e-book is your answer.



There is a TON of information in The Everyday Artisan Bread Book – and we don’t want to overwhelm you with it all at once! 

In order to build an accessible, step-by-step process (without the overwhelm!) we are releasing this ebook one section at at time. You’ll receive a COMPLETE, 100+ page PDF once we’ve released all the chapters – but in the meantime, you can focus on one step at a time!

Weโ€™re “dripping” the content out this way because we want to encourage you to start with the basics (instead of dumping so much information on you all at once that you feel totally paralyzed – oof!)

This “drip” style also lets us make on-the-fly changes as you go through the initial sections of this eBook so that we can structure the content, recipes, and trainings to be as useful as possible!

START SIMPLE: these lessons and chapters are waiting for you as soon as you purchase!

  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: Let’s Bake Bread! We’ll walk you through every step of our Beginner’s Loaf.
  • Section 3: Anatomy of a Loaf of Bread.
  • Section 4: The Basics of Bread: Ingredients and Equipment
  • Section 5: Building Strength into Dough (and another loaf of bread!)
  • Section 6: Understanding Baker’s Percentages
  • Section 7: Understanding Hydration
  • Skills Lab: Bake Two High Hydration Breads
  • Section 8: How to Store Bread
  • Video Bonus: How to refresh (and save!) stale bread


  • 3/25: Flavors and Riffs (our favorite mix-ins, flavor combos, and “fancy” breads!)
  • 4/5: Scoring Techniques (how to cut beautiful designs into your dough!)
  • 4/12: Beyond Bread: Adapting dough for pizza, rolls, and more
  • 5/17: The Complete Video Collection (We’re recording a how-to video for EVERY recipe in the eBook! Stay tuned!)



Our digital cookbook chapters come in PDF form so you can read them anywhere! Print recipes out or save a copy to your phone for easy access when you're baking.


Our step-by-step videos walk you through EVERY part of breadmaking so you can make amazing bread right from the get-go!


Bread is better with friends - that's why we created a Facebook group exclusively for customers! Post photos, ask questions, and let us cheer you on!


Lock in the best price: buy today to get ALL future updates for this product (recipes, bonuses, videos, and more!) FREE - even if we raise the price.


At Life As A Strawberry,ย we like to talk about food.

We created the Everyday Artisan Bread eBook to help you take your bread baking to the next level afterย our flagship Easy Crusty French Bread recipeย took off online (today, it has 4.8 stars out of more than 300 reviews!)

Our team tested over 50 loaves of bread and more than 80 pounds of flour in four months of testing for this eBook – so these recipes? THEY WORK.ย 

When you buy The Everyday Artisan Bread eBook, you’ll get our best techniques, recipes, and tutorials – but you’ll also get a team that’s committed to helping you bake great bread long after we’ve made a sale.

This is your playbook. We are your cheerleaders.ย 

Happy Baking!

Jessie Johnson, Founder

What STUDENTS are saying

Real reviews from our Everyday Artisan Bread eBook customers!

Diving into the eBook in earnest this morning and this is incredible. So well done, CLEARLY so much thought, time and effort put into it. This is amazing. Also I can’t believe you’re only charging $19 for this much content!


So far I really like the learning aspect to the book! I like that it’s not just a recipe, but an abundance of options. But it’s not overwhelming!


PS – We want you to be happy with your purchase. If this eBook doesn’t work for you, we’ll give you a full refund.


Our most frequently-asked questions about the Everyday Artisan Bread Book!

If you’re not a seasoned baker, or if yeast breads scare you a little bit: this book is for you, too (ESPECIALLY for you!)

Because amazing homemade bread is for everyone – and WE ARE YOUR WELCOME WAGON.

Just think of us as your personal, in-house, bread-baking cheerleaders!

If you already love baking bread (wahoo!) we’re here to help you take your bread to the next level. You’re going to love the detailed photos and how-tos for everything from flour brands to weight measurements to water content to scoring techniques!

Definitely not! The bread in this book is all made by hand with minimal equipment.

Not this time! We’re focusing on artisan yeast breads in this eBook – though many of the techniques we’ll cover also apply to sourdough!

Not at all! We kick off the recipe section in this eBook with our signature 3-hours-or-less loaf of Easy Crusty French Bread (and most of that time youโ€™re just letting the dough rise or the bread bake!)

Every recipe in the eBook can be made on this 3 hour timeline, but weโ€™ve also included tutorials to make those same breads over a longer timeline to build extra flavor!

The Everyday Artisan Bread Book also includes bread-baking timelines for every schedule. Weโ€™ve done all the adjustments, testing, and timelines so you donโ€™t have to!

Just pick the schedule that fits your life best and start baking.

Nope! All of these recipes are made by hand (no stand mixer required!) We do love baking artisan bread in a Dutch oven, but itโ€™s definitely not necessary – weโ€™ll walk you through a handful of equipment alternatives so you can start where you are without having to buy anything. As the book progresses, we do encourage you to invest in a kitchen scale – they’re inexpensive but essential if you find you love baking a lot of bread at home!

No – The Everyday Artisan Bread eBook and its companion course are entirely online! You’ll create a login for our e-Book website when you purchase. Use that login to access the e-Book and all of our videos and bonuses anytime you want!

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